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Mike Mauk needs to pare down his flying a bit so is looking for good homes for some of his “stuff”. If interested in any or all give him a call and/or email: Mike Mauk, 843-771-6346, Here is what he is selling:

Castle Talon 90 ESC…NEW AND IN THE BOX: $50.

SIG Sbach…4S (40 size), Bind-N-Fly, (1) E-flite 4S 3200mah & (2) Turnigy 4S 3300mah batteries, Spektrum RCVR, (21) total flight on the plane…stalled it on landing one time and damaged one wing/aileron and landing gear which were repaired but new covering on that area is black. Plane flies well, but feels a little heavy on the stick and needs a bit of power for a nice scale landing. $175

Escapade EX 30cc gas, Spektrum 8010T RCVR, (9) Hitec HS645MG servos, LiFe 2100mah 6.6V RCVR battery, 4-cell 2000mah NiMh Ignition battery, metal spinner, fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, DLE 30, solid 7-minute flight times at full throttle. Great solid flying plane. Only damage is a weed poke in a wing panel fixed with clear packing tape and some rub damage to both wheel pants. $750.

Flightline 1600mm (63”) wingspan 6S, electric retracts and split flaps, Spektrum 6 ch RCVR…Bind-N-Fly…Never damaged, (9) total flights on the plane $300.

Avanti S 80mm 12-Blade EDF, 6S, electric retracts and gear doors, flaps, Never crashed but has a couple black marks on bottom from a wing tip & nose drag on the runway, Spektrum 6 ch RCVR, (21) total flights on the plane…$275.

Eflite Radian Pro, (1) E-flite 3S 1350mak & (1) 3S Park Flier 1300mah batteries, Never damaged, flown once…$195

E-flite Apprentice S 1500mm (59”) wingspan 15e SAFE Ready-to-Fly…includes the Spektrum DX5e transmitter and (3) E-flite 3S 3200mah batteries. Never damaged, (9) total flights on the plane…$275.

Techone Hobby NINJATO (3D) Bind-N-Fly, (2) 3S E-flite 1350mah batteries, removable main gear, (8) total flights on the plane…$100.

Great Planes Escapade 61 960-95 SIZE) Electric Rimfire .80, 80 or 90A ESC (6S), Spektrum 6 ch RCVR, NiMh 3000mah RVCR battery, (2) flight batteries (two Zippy 3S 8000mah in series), 59 total flights on the plane with an average of 10 minutes per flight. The only damage is a covering puncture on the turtle deck repaired with packing tape. GREAT FLYING PLANE!  $495.

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