The meeting was called to order by club President Ed Yeash at 7:01PM Aug 3 2015 at Perkins Restaurant located at 1700 Trolley Rd Summerville, SC. There were 26 members in attendance. Secretary Bob Call was unable to attend.


Minutes from the last meeting were read accepted as posted on the club website by Safety Officer Bud Gehr. They are available for review HERE.


Treasurers report was read and accepted as read by the Treasurer Bob Mason. The Report is available at the Members webpage.


Safety Officer Bud Gehr reported the importance of LiPo battery storage safety. Storing them in a metal box contains the flames, but not the heat. Enough heat is generated on the surface of a metal box to cause nearby surfaces to catch fire. He pointed out a video on YouTube where drywall was used to insulate the inside of a metal box and subdivided to seperate batteries so if one burnt the others would not ignite. The dry wall has a very high temperature rating and when used as a liner in the box keeps the outside of the box relatively cool. The video can be viewed below


Field marshall Gerry Higdon had not new field issues to report.


Member at Large Richard Guthrie report his two students are pregressing well.


Charleston Benches - Bob Mason reported that he looked into the prices of genuine Charleston benches and found that they cost between $450-$800. It was agreed they are too expensive for our wallet. Richard Guthrie said he purchased a bench seat for his home from a local Ace Hardware that is metal and styled after the Charleston benches but cost only $60 each. It was agreed that the club would buy two of these benches for use at the field to provide comfortable and resilient seating.

Weather sealing picnic tables - The discussion on sealing the tables and prepping did not determine an exact date when it will occur. Dave Brown suggestd using a yard sprayer to do the job instead of bringing out a compressor and paint sprayer. He also suggested pressure washing them first to clean them pryer to sealing.

Lawn mower fund auction on Aug 22 - Mr Bailey the land owner approved inviting other clubs to participate in our auction. Further it was decided that the event would be advertised as a swap meet and auction with members bringing items to sell. Bud Gehr will produce a flyer to be emailed to members to hand out as an advertise for the event. Bob Mason will contact the Eutawville Flyers and Richard Jackson will contact Lake City and Orangeburg clubs to invite them. There will be NO landing fee. CRCS will provide a lunch of Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chips and Soda for $6 per person. This gets you one burger or two hot dogs along with chips and soda. Additional burgers will be available for $3 each and hot dogs for $2 each.

Fall Float Fly - It was decided that CRCS would host a Float Fly and Picnic on October 10. This event replaces the scheduled picnic at the main field that was to occur. Free lunch will be provided by the club at noon time. 

CRCS Club Logo Contest - With 10 candidates submitted and over two months for the membership to review them a new CRCS club logo was chosen by popular vote of the membership at the meeting. Mike Marchand’s entry won the contest. Congratulations Mike, its a great logo! Mike volunteered to produce new signage with the logo for the field free of charge!


BOY SCOUT RC Introduction Event - The club will be welcoming a small group of Boy Scouts on August 29th at 9am to the field. The purpose is to provide introduction to RC flight for the scouts. Please come on out and show them what RC is all about. We will have intro pilots providing the opportunity for the scouts to fly a trainer on a buddy box.


This month the award had little competition. Both candidates practiced decorating the local forest Christmas tree style. Steve Akins and Ed Yeash were in the running, but it was decided by the members that Ed earned the award for a second consecutive month by shear volume of wreckage! An Extra 300 and his big Cub both bought the farm. the explanation was transmitter stick failure. Congratulations Ed. Can we get the person that found the tail end of Ed’s cub to please return it to him?


Richard Guthrie brought in two complete and ready to fly Hobbico Nexstars. The twist is he is offering to sell them, ready to fly for half the cost it took to build them!  One powered by an Evolution engine can be had for $290! The other powered by an OS engine will go to the first $315 offered! He also brought in a complete and fully outfitted flight box that he will let go for half price, so just $188 will get the box and tools! He would like to bolster interest in glow powered flight and thought there is no better way to get the smell of nitro in the air than to offer a great deal like this. 


The meeting was adjourned at 7:59 PM. The next meeting will be held on September 7, 2015 at Perkins Restaurant 1700 Trolley Rd  Summerville, SC at 7PM.

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