The meeting was called to order by club President Ed Yeash at 7:05pm Monday, February 5, 2018 at Perkins Restaurant located at 1700 Trolley Road, Summerville, SC


  • President: Ed Yeash
  • Vice President: Richard Jackson
  • Treasurer: Bob Lanphear
  • Secretary: Elaine Jackson
  • Safety Officer: Dave Brown
  • Field Officer: Gerry Higdon
  • Members at Large: Bob Call, Roy Leopold, Bill Evans

New Members: none present

Guest: Dennis Cherry, moved down from Massachusetts about 6 years ago, flew for 20 years, but hasn’t flown in 10 years but heard about the club and stopped in to check us out. 

Ed read a list of upcoming flying events provided by Richard Jackson


The minutes from the January meeting were read by Elaine Jackson and accepted with one change. The date of the Tractor Pull is March 10, not April 28 & 29 as stated in the minutes.


The treasurer’s report was read by Bob Lanphear and accepted by the members present.


Dave Brown reported that all was OK.  No known safety violations to report. There was a brief discussion about a Video from Los Vegas of a drone flying unsafely.


Dave Brown and Gerry Higdon met with a representative from a tree trimming company to discuss the cost of topping out the trees at each end of the field.  The estimate received was: 

$4,000.00 to top out both ends with total clean up by the cutting crew or

$2,500.00 for an eight hour shift with a bucket truck and no clean up. With this option, the club would have to schedule a “work day” to drag the cut pieces back into the woods.

A motion was made to proceed with the lower estimate ($2,500) unless we get a lower estimate from another company within the next two weeks.

Donations from members were requested to cover the cost of the work. Treasury money will be used initially, but will need to be replaced with donations. 

Since we are authorizing this major expenditure, we will not be able to purchase the Diesel Mower that was offered to the club by Dave Brown.

There is no power at the field for the foreseeable future because our neighbor who kindly supplies our power has had to shut power off to the well house because his pump went bad. 


The new monitors to use as flight simulators have been purchased and are ready to use.

50th Anniversary club hats and shirts: Shawn Mason absent, no update.

50th Anniversary club brochure: Bill Darden absent, no update.


The CRCS Spring Picnic and 50th Anniversary celebration will be held on April 21st with a backup date of May 5th, in case of bad weather.  Motion was made & passed to go with these dates

A motion was made and passed to have this event catered at a cost of $400.00 which will feed about 100 people. This is about the same amount it would cost for us to purchase the food and have volunteers from the club do the cooking.  The main menu items will be: Pulled Pork, Mac & Cheese, and Cold Slaw. All paper and flat ware will be provided by the caterer.  Anyone who wishes may bring a desert to add to the menu. Motion was made & passed to accept this offer.

The next Club Breakfast will be at the field on June 2nd.  Motion was made & passed. 

Dates for the fall picnic will be decided later in the year when we will have a better idea of what the weather will be like.

April 28 & 29th we are once again invited to have a static show at the Model Railroad Association. We need to ensure that we have enough volunteers to handle this event as well as the Air Force Base Open House on the same weekend.

Frank Metzger gave an update on the Charleston Air Force Base Air Show on April 28th. If you plan to participate at the Air Show, Frank Metzger needs your complete Legal Name so he can have a visitors pass made up for you. Participants should plan to enter the base between 7:30 and 8:30 am, unload your planes at the designated site then take your vehicle to the parking area for guest. You will not be able to have your vehicle at the site. Your AMA and club dues must be current to participate. The decision as to which club members will be allowed to fly will be at the discretion of the Club Officers.


New SIMS monitor – one on display at the meeting.

Capt. Morgan showed his F7F Tiger Cat. Kit was $350.00 and took about 12 hours to put together. Plane weighs about 10 pounds. Motion RC has the same bird.


Rodger Effler received 12 votes for putting his Plane in a tree.

Ed Yeash received 8 votes for his Maiden Flight hard landing.


Meeting adjourned at 8:10. Next meeting will be on March 5, 2018 at Perkins Restaurant located at 1700 Trolley Road, Summerville, SC

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