The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Richard Jackson at 7:03 pm Monday, February 4, 2019 at Perkins Restaurant.


President: Ed Yeash (Absent)

Vice President: Richard Jackson

Treasurer, Robert (Capt. Morgan) Brooks; 

Secretary: Elaine Jackson

Safety Officer: Dave Brown 

Field Officer: Mike McGee 

Members at Large: Bob Mason, Roy Leopold, Bill Evans

There were 21 members present.


We welcomed 4 new members to the club:

Colin Puckhaber; Bill August; John Travell; and Tom ????.


The minutes from the January meeting were read by the secretary and accepted by the members present. 


The December treasurer’s report was presented by Treasurer and accepted by the members present. 


Dave Brown reminded the club that the flight line for ALL aircraft is 25 feet from the Pilot stations. This puts the flight line at the edge of the geo-tech landing strip. 

Helicopters are authorized to use the far north end of the field for the safety of all pilots.

He also reminded the club that anyone flying Virtual Reality should ALWAYS have a spotter and should keep the planes at least 25 feet in front of the pilot stands. 

Richard Jackson added that no matter what type of plane you are flying, you should NEVER fly directly towards the pit area. Flying towards the pits then turning abruptly is dangerous.


Mike McGee reported that the cost of servicing the mowers ran a little more than expected because the blades on both mowers needed to be replaced. The total for both mowers came to $490.00.

New PVC Pilot Stands are finished and installed. Turning the old stations into Pre-flight tables will begin shortly.  Three of the six current pre-flight tables are about to fall apart.

We still need 4 to 5 Volunteers to help with the mowing each week. You would not have to help every week; 

We will be extending the Geo-Tech as soon the weather warms up. We will need several people to help put it down. Robert Brooks will head up the project.


No updates this month.


Eutawville Fly-in is coming up this weekend and Lake City is having their Chili Cook Off  on  February 23. This is always a great event.

The Tractor Pull event on March 9th will also be a STEM program for approximately 200 Boy Scouts. Other local clubs will also be invited to join us. For those who have not been out for this event before, the address of the Tractor Pull is: 762 Mount Zion Road, St. George, SC  29477. Put it in your GPS unit and come on out. If you have any questions, contact Richard White. Don’t forget this field has been sanctioned by AMS and is available for us to fly on all year.

Another thing we need to be vigilant about is letting people who are not club members fly at the field. We allow guests to fly three times but if they want to continue to use our field, they need to join the club. Our dues are what pays for the rent and upkeep of the field and they are cheaper than a lot of other clubs in the area. 


It is time to start planning our spring picnic.

We had some disappointing news about the Beauford Air Show. The original invitation indicated that they wanted us to put on flite demonstrations as well as a static display but when Frank Metzger was talking to their representative, he was told that there would be no model flying at all. 

Other events planned for that same weekend are the Train Show at the Danny Jones complex in North Charleston (with flying permitted) and a Float Fly in Lexington SC. 

A sad item to include: Earl (Stan) Stanfield, a long time club member, has passed away. He was 90 years old.


Bill Tuxworth has donated another plan for us to raffle off. This plane was shown at the meeting. It is an Aeroworks Laser with a 76 inch wing span. The engine is a DLE 35. Everything is in it except the radio, battery and gas. There are over $1,200.00 worth of parts on the plane. Tickets will be sold now through December with the drawing at the December meeting. Tickets are $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00.

Capt. Robert showed off his new Motion RC Flying Wing foam aircraft with push/pull propellers and night flying lights.


Charlie Tenio: The wing folded in air due to the carbon fiber rod coming loose causing the plane to crash. This was the maiden flight of a made from scratch plane. 


Meeting adjourned at 8:01 PM. Next meeting will be on March 4, 2019 at Perkins Restaurant located at 1700 Trolley Road, Summerville, SC.

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