The meeting was called to order by club President Ed Yeash at 7PM at Perkins Restaurant located at 1700 Trolley Rd Summerville, SC


Minutes from the last meeting were accepted as read by the Secretary Bob Call.


Treasurer Bob Mason read the treasures report and it was accepted by the membership. The treasurers report will be available on the members area of the website.


Safety Coordinator Bud Gehr reported that there have been increasing instances of members flying over the pits as a result of an uncorrected flight path in front of the flight stations. Instead of the intended straight flight in front of the pilot it is on a slight diagonal trajectory that brings the aircraft over the flight stations and pits area.  Pilots were reminded to correct for wind drift and deviation from the intended flight path.

He also had a personal account of a new aircraft that he purchased where the BEC was faulty and outputting nearly twice the voltage it was intended for. It resulted in 7 installed servos getting hot to the point where their cases and the adhesive holding them in place melted. This is a potential fire hazard on the ground and had the issue not been caught on the ground a crash of a new aircraft as the servos failed one after another. The aircraft was a PNP 1600mm C-47 sold by HobbyKing.

This issue is possible on any brand of aircraft, but is more likely on BNF or PNP type aircraft where no assembly or minimal setup time is required prior to flight. Members were advised to throughly check a new aircraft on the ground prior to flight. 


Field Marshall Gerry Higdon had no new field maintenance information to report. Field maintenance is minimal at this time of year and no cutting or trimming is needed.


Donated Picnic Tables Weather Proofing

President Ed Yeash brought up the need to weather proof the new picnic tables before they are damaged by weather. It was agreed that the best time to do this is in the spring. The matter is tabled until that time.


Permanent club PO Box

Member at Large Richard Guthrie made a motion for the club to rent a PO box to act a permanent address for the club for contact, corporate and tax purposes. The motion was carried and club president Ed Yeash will acquire it.

Field Maintenance Funds

Mike Redman made a motion that the club provide up front funds for field maintenance expenses. This is to ease the out of pocket expense for the Field Marshall and his assistants. Currently they use their own money to get what is needed and the club reimburses them. A fleet or debit card was recommended. 

The matter is tabled until the next board meeting where they will decide the best way to implement a system.


Dave Brown made a motion that new chairs be procured for the pits as a large number have broken due to wear and tear. Richard Guthrie had done some price checking recently and found Ace hardware sells some stout Adirondack chairs for $19.95. These are similar to the green chairs we currently have a few of. 


Richard Guthrie made a motion to buy 5 chairs. The motion was carried and the club will purchase the chairs for testing to see if we want to buy more of the same or different styles/brands.

Instructor Pilots

Safety Coordinator Bud Gehr made a motion that an Instructor Pilot committee be formed to designate members as Instructor Pilots. Richard Guthrie volunteered to chair the committee and select its members. The motion was carried and Richard will form the committee.

Member ID Card Display

The club is providing badge holders for members to display membership cards and AMA cards while at the field. This is optional until membership renewal in April, but will be mandatory after renewal. The purpose is to provide a means of identifying members and proof of AMA. See President Ed Yeash to get your badge holder.

Club Website Contributions

Bud Gehr is seeking content contributions for the club website in the form of reviews, how to articles, pictures and videos produced by club members. Its your chance to be famous on the the internet! You can contact Bud via the contact link on the clubs web page.


Crash of the month

There were numerous candidates for this dubious honor:

  • Bob Bennett for destroying his 35% Extra after an inflight control failure.
  • Bud Gehr for exceeding the aerodynamic abilities of his brand new Vanquish pattern plane.
  • Paul Adams for the crash of his F4U Corsair.
  • Jim Hasapis for the complete obliteration of his U-Can-Do 3d after radio failure on take off.

The winner was Bob Bennett. He had the Extra for a long long time and the expiration date was Jan 1 2015. Sorry Bob, but we know you will get another one!



Mike Redman brought in his Dynam T-28. Its a got  50” wingspan, flaps and retracts. It flys on 3S 2200mAh battery. Price is around $160. It has not yet been maidened.  A suggestion was made that he pretty it up with some stickers, but he prefers it naked.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:05PM. The next meeting will be held on Feb 2, 2015 at Perkins Restaurant 1700 Trolley Rd  Summerville, SC at 7PM.

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