The meeting was called to order by club President Ed Yeash at 7:00PM

Mar 7, 2016, at Perkins Restaurant located at 

1700 Trolley Rd Summerville, SC. 

There were 22 members in attendance. Board members present were.

President: Ed Yeash

Vice President: Richard Jackson

Treasurer: Bob Mason

Secretary: Richard Guthrie

Safety Officer: Dave Brown

Field Officer: Gerry Higdon

Members at Large:  Roy Leopold

Members at Large:  Bill Evans

There was one new member, Al Syssa.


Minutes from the last meeting were accepted as posted on the 

club website and as read by Secretary Richard Guthrie. 

They are available for review HERE.


The treasurers report was read by Treasurer Bob Mason and accepted 

by members present.


Field Marshall Gerry Higdon stated that the road repairs were

completed by Dave Brown.  Both mowers had there annual 

maintenance completed. The first field mowing of the season

was completed last Thursday.  The sign stating no noisy

aircraft flying before 09:00am on weekdays were hung on the

fence.  Thanks to Mike Marchand for making the signs.

The parking area was also improved and is less likely to 

flood, but still be careful after a rain.


Safety Officer Dave Brown noted that some pilots have been

seen flying the pattern incorrectly, flying against traffic

and making turns in the wrong direction.  The first person

in the air sets the traffic pattern and it does not change 

just because the winds shift.  If you are the second or later

to take off then check with the pilot in the air as to the 

pattern direction before taking off.  All pilots need to agree

of the pattern change before it occurs.  Remember that

landing planes have priority and do not go onto the field

if there is a plane turning final. 


James Parker is now qualified to fly his first aircraft and

is now working on qualifying on is second aircraft. 


The tractor pull where the club will be providing entertainment

is this coming Saturday. Be sure to bring your AMA and 

CRCS club card.  It will get you in the gate free. The address

is 762 Mt. Zion Road, St. George SC.

Concerning moving the gate, Dave Brown will set a date and

email the member that are willing to help.

The committee to review the by-laws and field rules completed

new drafts of the documents and Richard Jackson informed the

members at this meeting.  One addition change was made to the

field rules to state no firearms at the field. 

Richard Guthrie will send by paper mail the new documents 

along with a ballot.  Please return the ballot at the next 

meeting or send it via the post office to the club address.

The vote will be counted in the April 4th meeting.


It was suggested that the flag pole should have a solar 

powered spotlight because the flag is left up at night. 

This will be researched as to where and how much it would


STEM Scouts will have a meeting on April 9th at the Boone

Hall Plantation.  No Flying, but a static display is needed.

All members are welcome to attend.

George Hill had a comment about how well the club has been

doing since the board was changed in 2015 and wanted to thank

Ed Yeash for his leadership.


There were 4 nominations for crash of the month.

Ed Yeash for the crash of his Spitfire today.

Bob Bennett for crashing Bill Darden’s Rascal 110,

Dave Schonhut for crashing is RV8,

Bud Gehr for crashing his Carbon Cub. 

By a very close vote, Bob Bennett won crash of the month. 


Paul Adams provide a good description of two micro

helicopters, Blade 120 SR (no longer sold) and its better

version, the Blade 120 S which has a BNF version for $120 

at Horizon Hobby.  It has the SAFE technology that allow

new pilots fly it with greater ease.  It also does not have 

a fly bar.  

Many members discussed their trip to Perry GA. this past week

and noted that there were three building full of people 

selling things along with many vendors, along with a indoor

flying event.  The was a lot of talk there about the new

FAA rules.  See the AMA website for the latest information

about the FAA. 

Ed Yeash noted that two sheriff cars followed him into

the field and he thought he was in a lot of trouble.  It

turned out that the two deputies want more information 

about the club and may join. 


The meeting was adjourned at  07:56 PM.  The next meeting 

will be held on Apr. 4, 2016 at Perkins Restaurant 

1700 Trolley Rd  Summerville, SC at 7PM.

© Charleston RC Society 2017