Meeting called to order 

By President Ed Yeash at 7:00 PM at Perkin's Restaurant. 17 members were present.

Minutes of September meeting 

Minutes were read by Secretary Bob Call and approved as presented by members present. Minutes of the meetings are available on the club website.

Treasurer's Report 

Presented by Bud Gehr. Treasurer Bob Mason was absent due to flooding at his home. The Treasurer's Report was approved by the members present. The treasurer's report can be viewed on the club website.

Safety Report  

Safety Officer Bud Gehr discussed the hazards of flying while seated in a chair at the flight stations. The main concern is a pilot having his craft go behind him and over the pit area and the pilot wouldn't be able to turn around fast enough to recover his aircraft. Recommendations included having a spotter present and using a well-secured swivel chair.

Field Marshall 

Gerry Higdon reported on the condition of the field after the recent unusually heavy rain event. Due to the wet conditions in the parking lot as well as the soil to wet to mow the grass the Field Marshall has closed the facilities until further notice.

Old Business  

The picnic tables need to be cleaned and sprayed with wood preservative. Volunteers are needed to help the Field Marshall with the tables.

The date for the float fly and picnic at Austin Lake is rescheduled for October 31, 2015.

New Business  

  • Bob Call will contact someone about rolling a packing machine over the field.
  • It was suggested and agreed to increase the land lease payment to Mr. Bailey an additional $25 per quarter.
  • Board nominations are due in November.
  • Railroad Society has invited CRCS to participate in their annual event in North Charleston. Richard Jackson and Bill Evans will attend.
  • The board asked Bob Call to investigate the possibility of installing a textile runway at the field. Bob made a preliminary presentation and a handout with an overview of the runway. A motion was made to proceed to the next step to gather more detailed information regarding costs and the actual installation requirements. The motion was approved by the members present.
  • Lance Keeling reported his plans to relocate out west to be with his ailing father. He would like to downsize his RC equipment by offering it to our members at a reduced price.

Crash of the Month 

Was awarded to Paul Adams for "landing" his Beaver in a tree.

Show and Tell  

Dave Schonhut brought his new 40" wingspan Freewing F-16  90mm, 12 blade EDF jet. He had modified the lights and sound for more scale appearance. It's a beautiful model that we'd like to see at the field very soon. Here is a video of his presentation during the meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM. The next meeting will be held at Perkin's Restaurant at 7:00 PM, November 2, 2015

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