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1/24/2015 - Are you suffering from turbine envy? Do you think propellers are a distraction? Do straight wings make you sleepy? Well maybe you need to look at adding an Electric Ducted Fan scale jet to your hanger! Read the detailed account of my experience with the Freewing F-86 80mm EDF right here!


1/23/2015 - The wife of longtime club member Frank Metzger, Carolyn has left this life for Heaven. She passed away Thursday after a long illness. She was 70 years old. She and Frank were married for 51 years. Carolyn was the Mother of two children, a son, Frank C. Metzger and a daughter, Janice Metzger Jones. She was the Grandmother of 4 children.

Services will be at Dyal Funeral Home Summerville, SC.  Viewing will be at 2pm Sat Jan 24 2015, services at 3 pm and Burial at Dorchester Memory Gardens 11000 Dorchester Rd. Summerville, SC. 

CRCS is donating $100 to Susan G Koman for the Cure.



1/23/2015 - F3P is a precision indoor aerobatics competition and as with many other RC events, the World Championships are held every two years. The AMA wants to get the word out for support of the 2015 USA F3P Team. They will be competing in Poland March 14-21.

Please visit the USA F3P Team website to learn more about the competition, the team and to make a donation to help them make the trip.


Buds F-86 after maiden Eddie

1/17/2015 - Partly cloudy skies, 65 degreees and winds under 5mph brought out a bunch of members to fly. 

Bud G maidened his Freewing F-86. The sound was awesome. More like a turbine than an EDF.  It is a very nice flying jet. Flaps made a world of difference on take off and landing. You can catch the maiden flight video on the CRCS YouTube channel.

Mike R knocked out the maiden of his Dynam T-28 with the assistance of Bob B. The flight was cut short when it appeared the plane was not getting full throttle. They brought it back in safely and calibrated the ESC for the throttle.

Paul A brought out a nice looking Mosquito Bomber. His initial flight had a landing gear issue. The next flight ended in a crash at the center of the field.

Eddie R returned with his recently repaired Apprentice. He asked Bob B to do the remaidening honors. Bob said it didn’t feel quite right and on landing the nose snapped off. It was a smooth landing so the cause of the foam failure is under investigation.

Robert V put on an awesome 3d heli demo over and over. The guy is very very good with a heli. It shows what dedication and practice can do for your flying. He has only been at it a few years.

Bob B finally shook off the bad mojo from his Extra 300 crash a couple of weeks ago. He was flying his big SBach. He still feels the loss and has a strong desire to fill the hole in his trailer.

Dave B is leaning more and more into helicopter flight. This weekend I think we saw 3 heli flights to every plane flight for him.

Ed Y was back out with his Cub. First flight was pretty short due to a battery that cried out for a vacation.

Wayne C came out late with his 6' B-17 and put on some nice scale flying as usual.

If you have something that needs short grass to take off, now would be a good time to fly it. The field is about as short as it is ever going to get. Hope we see you there next weekend!

B-17 OLD 666 STORY

1/17/2015 - Member Jay M shared a video he found that tells the story of a special B-17 known as 'Old 666’. The plane had a reputation for taking the most dangerous missions, getting shot to pieces and coming back for more. Over time it was modified with more weapons and earned the distinction of being the most heavily armed B-17 of the pacific theatre.



1/12/2015 - Most of us have either lost or considered what we would do if we lost our flying field. Unfortunately this situation sometimes occurs if a club sticks together long enough. This week we were notified that the Carolina Fun Flyers in Moncks Corner have lost theirs. They are actively searching for a new home. 

When the Jedburg field was lost CFF provided a home to a lot of members of that club. CRCS also took in a number of the Jedburg members. This week the CRCS Board reached out to the Carolina Fun Flyers and invited the members to fly with us. It was decided that we would waive the membership initiation fees for those wishing to use our facilities as many of them used to be in our club. The membership dues will be pro-rated for the remainder of the year.

Please make any CFF members that show up at the field feel welcome. Take a moment and explain the field rules to them. CFF members are a great bunch of guys and gals. 



1/12/2015 - The Ladson Renegade Rotor Club closed shop this fall due to internal issues. However, we received word last week that it is being reformed. In its previous life it was a helicopter only club, but the new club will accept planes and helicopters. The plans call for a runway to be created. They indicated that the size will accommodate up to .90 sized planes.

We don’t have any details yet, but it will be located at its old location in Ladson, SC off of highway 78. 


1/5/2015 - The club had its first meeting of the new year. The new President did a great job as did the rest of the board. If you were unable to attend you can read the meeting minutes here or click on the CRCS Logo.



1/3/2015 - Read my review of the HobbyKing C-47. It is a real tear jerker! The plane looks nice, but beware its thorns and pray you don’t get one made on a monday or friday!



1/2/2015 - Congressman Mark Sanford had accepted an invitation by CRCS club Secretary Bob Call to join us at our monthly meeting. Today Bob received a call from Congressman Sanford asking to meet with CRCS at a later date due to a schedule conflict. 

As an alternate plan, Bob suggested he come to our field on a Saturday morning. He seemed to like that idea. It will give him a first-hand look at our hobby and see how serious we are about safety. He would have more time to spend with us. 


Bob and Jim inspecting the birdBob brought all the fixings for lunchBob doing a post mortemBob's turkey was excellentBobs Extra 300 suffered radio failureBud flying Annas JuniorBud landing his AlabtrosDave trying to figure out why his wing went into a treeJim and his delta flying wingLancer and Bob preparing to serve the birdNew Years Chow lineNew years day flightlineStan could not resist the smell of fried turkeyWhats left of Bobs Extra

1/1/2015 - We had a great turnout at the field on New Years day. Bob B fried us up a delicious turkey and brought some homemade potato salad! Lancer provided some tasty deviled eggs, Gary Q brought some cookies and Ed brought some of his wifes home made seasalt dessert snacks.

This was the 2nd new years day in a row where Bob fried a turkey for us. To offset his costs everyone that ate chipped in $5. It was well worth it! We are hoping to keep this an annual event.

Weather was cool in the morning, but wind was almost zero all day long. The skies were clear and it warmed up nicely. The field was pretty empty till about 10:30, then everybody started rolling in. There was a ton of flying all day.

We had a couple of crashes. Bob B’s 35% Extra crashed into the trees while trying to land. He had just done a flat spin and said something didn’t feel right so tried to bring it in to land. He lost control of it and it went into the trees at the south end of the field. Bob suspects it was either mechanical failure brought on by the spin or servo failure. Georges son had a crash landing of his T-28. It did its best impression of an unhappy beer cooler on the center of the runway. Looked like a stall from too slow a landing.



1/1/2015 - Join us in welcoming in the new year on New Years Day at CRCS. The weather looks great and we expect a lot of flying all day!

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