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3/28/2015 - While building my first FliteTest project I developed the desire to learn more about building with the material. My main concern is with the longevity of aircraft built and how to extend it. While researching I discovered the ExperimentalAirlines channel on YouTube. Aside from being a rich source of building tips the author also shares a personal story about how his left hand came to be the way it is. Its a great life lesson on surviving adversity. You can see it HERE (warning: graphic injury content)


3/28/2015 - We discovered this simple foam cutting machine while doing foam research on YouTube. It doesn’t get much easier than this!


3/26/2015 - Video of Joseph Szczur from North Carolina competing in Poland at the world championships this week. You can see more of Joseph’s flying abilities HERE. Thanks to Jay Marshall for bringing this to the news page.

SU-30 vs F-15, F-16 & F-22 AT RED FLAG

3/25/2015 - Ever wonder how the SU-30 compares to modern and bleeding edge American aircraft? I came across the following interesting US Military Red Flag Lecture. Surprisingly candid about the shortcomings of the F-15 and F-16 against the SU-30. Another unexpected tidbit is how effective the modernized Mig-21 Bison is against US aircraft.  


3/23/2015 - Have you ever needed to make a part for a plane or a mold to form a part? Yah I know, who hasn’t broken something on a plane and needed to do a quick repair? How many times have you been building a plane and wanted a nice tie down for wires, a bushing, fairlead or latch. How many times did you want to re-enforce a structure or make yourself a custom doodad for the cockpit or exterior such as pilot figures, controls, ducts, vents, switch holders etc?

If your wood, metal or casting skills are not up to the job the alternative is to buy something ready made that may or may not do the job quite right. If you bought it online you would need to wait for delivery. Maybe your skills are up to the task, but the time required is just not worth the effort for a one off item.

Boys and girls let me tell you about one of the neatest craft items I have encountered recently.  Click HERE to read all about this magical substance and why you need it!


3/22/2015 - Do you remember your first airplane? It was likely a scratch built paper plane. Built using tried and true 8 1/2" x 11” paper. Remember the excitement when it flew? How long did it take you to add elevons and a rudder to make it circle or loop? How long before you started altering the basic design to make it more aerobatic? Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to have a giant powered RC paper plane?  Go HERE to learn how to build the extremely inexpensive plane featured in the video above!


 3/15/2015 - Flying a full scale old airplane, especially a warbird is not a simple matter of getting in, putting on a harness, yelling ‘Clear’ and flipping a switch. While these planes lack the electronic sophistication of todays planes they had mechanical complexity partly due to the lack of computers. The pilot was the computer. The hands on computing that the pilot did back then didn’t end after the plane was running. There were lots of features and controls that had limitations and adjustments that had to be made during take off, flight, combat, aerobatics, landing and taxi.

As is the case with most complex tasks eventually they become automatic to you like driving a car. However imagine yourself a new pilot in these planes. They had to learn the operation, limitations and compensations yet still perform combat while jockeying all the various controls. Forgetting to set supercharger power level, cowl flap or switching tanks for fuel could spell the end during battle or nursing a damaged plane back to base.

We’ve put together some videos for you to get in the pilot seat of a real warbird and learn just how difficult it was to operate these machines. Some of this information is used by scale model pilots to put on accurate demonstrations when they compete.


3/12/2014 - Horizon Hobby has issued a product recall on Super Cub S HBZ8100 and HBZ8180 products due to a fire hazard associated with the power supply and charger. 


Exhibit area1 FW-190FW-190-2FW-190-3 Want an F-4 turbine

3/8/2015 - Are you a picker? Are you a radio control enthusiast? If you are chances are that you have heard of the Southeastern Model Show held annually in Perry, GA. 

This event is the Joe Nall of model aircraft garage sales. Its held at the Georgia National Fairgrounds and run by the Georgia Aircraft Modelers Association. People bring their wares from all over the Eastern US to sell and trade. Much of what is for sale is sold by pilots looking to clear out their hangars to make room for more stuff, but there are also a lot of hobby shops in attendance. This year it was held on March 6 & 7.

The event occupies 3 large buildings with spillover outside and between buildings. A 4th building is also open for indoor flying by attendees as well as demonstration flights. This event is huge. Bring some comfortable shoes because you will most likely be walking a lot. My usual practice is to do a quick walk of every isle in all three buildings to get a lay of the land and identify items I’m interested in purchasing. The next trip through is to try to cut a deal on the stuff I really want. Finally I go back through a last time to pickup the items I need that are not in short supply. Next I just wander around to look at the cool stuff and maybe snag something that I didn’t even know I wanted.

Its important that if you see something you really want, to grab it quick otherwise you may miss out as somebody else is probably also interested in it if its cool or the price is right.

The name of the game is to make a deal. Don’t be afraid to ask for a signficantly lower price. The hobby shops represented are also fair game for deal making. While the very best stuff is available on Friday, the deals are easier on Saturday since everybody wants to sell their stuff and not have to pack it all back up to take home. Almost all the pictures above were taken on Saturday so you can see there is no shortage of good stuff to be had.


3/2/2015 - The club had its March meeting today. If you were unable to attend you can read the meeting minutes here or click on the CRCS Logo


3/2/2015 - If you are going to build a jet from scratch, why not do it big! Follow the construction process of this giant sport turbine by club member Gary Jones. You can find the build thread here.

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