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5/26/2015 - What happens when you put a bunch of RC’ers in the woods with small quads and FPV gear? Sure looks like a good time to me! These guys are having a ball.


5/26/2015 - Do you balance your LiPo batteries? If you don’t you REALLY need to. Not balancing your packs is the quickest way to destroy them next to crashing them into a tree or sticking a nail in them. When you do a regular charge without balancing, it can cause one or more cells to be greatly overcharged and can lead to a fire while charging due to these cells exploding from the excess charge. 

If you like to keep your batteries and balance regularly did you ever wonder how your battery charger does it? Have you been curious why it takes so long sometimes? The video above completely explains the process and shows methods to balance packs that are way out of balance quicker.


5/26/2015 - LiPo batteries are great and have resulted in amazing growth of the electric powered aircraft side of our hobby, but they have a dark side. The incredible amount of energy stored in them is fine when its metered out a little at a time by your ESC. However when it is released in an uncontrolled fashion due to over charging or damage to the pack it has very bad results. The video above shows what can happen. The white smoke released in huge quantities is hazardous to your health and corrosive. If a battery lets go in your home it will coat everything  and cause corrosion to begin. Of course this is assuming the house is not burned down by the fire from the battery. If you charge batteries in your car or under the hood you might be needing a ride home if a pack lets go!

Check out the complete guide to LiPo batteries HERE on RCGroups. If you think LiPo fires don’t happen or won’t happen to you, scroll down the RCGroups page for a complete list of incidents reported. There are MANY of them!


5/25/2015 - The video above is from a couple of guys who are among the first to get a set of these goggles in the wild. The manufacturer has just begin to ship to folks that ordered them back in March. I have a set of these on order and expect to get them in the next 3 or 4 weeks. They cost $249 for HD capable goggles with a 72 degree field of view. FatSharks max out at 35 degree field of view, are only 800x600 and cost twice the price. The trade off is they add a geek factor of 150% due to size, BUT they are more comfortable than FatSharks. I own a pair of FatShark Attitudes and will do a comparison of the two when I get them in my grubby mits. You can check out the details at RangeVideo’s website HERE.


The trailer people were here in abundanceReady to make some noiseThe parking lost was pretty fullOfficially there was no line just jump in anywhereLancer trying to teach a hot dog to sitCooks at workThe cooks making peace with the meatBob Bennett juggling the meat to improve its flavorDave Brown checking to make sure Bob is doing it rightLancer pulling his pork surpriseLancers pork was deliciousPretty good spread for an unofficial eventDon't fight over the burgers guysEverybody wondering where the guest of honor isSilvie obviously very hungryCome and get itYummyAirplane preflightBob Bennett flying his CapTod Syssa working out a muffler issueBob doing his meat magicBuds PT-17 landingBuds PT-17 low passEddie flying his big YakEddie getting his gasser readyEddie greasing in the YakEddies big Yak puffing smokeGary Quirings FleetJim explaining something very importantThe peanut galleryTeam Despicable

5/25/2015 - The cookout was a resounding success even without the guest of honor Ken Gulliford. We saved a chair with his likeness as a place holder right next to the grill so he could be first in line and oversee the preparations if he decided to come. There was plenty of flying, some minor crashing and some awesome food cooked up by Bob Bennett and Lancer Keeling. 

We will very likely do it again next year so put it on your calendar!



5/24/2015 - CoM award winners have been slim pickings for the past few months due to bad weather, but it looks like that is going to change. We already have two worthy candidates: 

  • Gary Quiring for crashing his Delta wing EDF via Figure 9 loop. And then after repairing the plane promptly crashes it into a tree AND then when it was rescued from the tree continues flying it while it sheds parts.
  • Gary Quiring, this time for crashing Eddies sailplane after launch. It was caused by either no ailerons or reversed ailerons. While some might say this was not Gary’s fault, who takes off without doing a control check?
  • Bob Bennett for pancaking Lancers Gasser after a vertical upline dead stick landing. Technically this was caused by the fuel tank clunk falling off. Bob could not have forseen this issue.


Ken Gulliford

5/19/2015 - The regulars at the field sometimes get together on holidays when weather permits and have a small cookout of burgers and hotdogs at lunch time. Some of us talked this weekend and decided to have a cookout Monday May 25th, Memorial Day at 12:01PM. 

I thought we would change things up a bit this year and name the event with the intent to do it annually. I think it makes sense to give the event a meaningful name. Since he has had such an impact on the club I have decided to name it after ex-president Ken Gulliford.

These impromptu gatherings amongst friends are not club funded so we are all chipping in $5 each to pay for the burgers, buns, hotdogs, soda and chips. If you would like to partake in the food please email admin@CharlestonRCSociety.Net with your intent to eat so we know how many mouths to feed and bring $5 to cover the cost.

This does not mean that you must pay to participate in the camaraderie nor does it mean you must eat the food we are providing. If you would like to grill something of your own up please feel free. The grill is large and will be available to self prepare. This event is limited to members and their families, however if you are a member and would like to bring a guest and they want to try our delicious burgers and hot dogs just let us know via the email address above and add $5 to the kitty to cover the expense.

So far the following people have said they will come: Anna Gehr, Bob Bennett, Bob Call, Bud Gehr, Chris Bailey, Dave Schonhut, Gary Quiring, Jim Hasapis, Lancer Keeling, Richard Jackson and Silvie Hasapis. Still no word if Ken will attend. It’s OK though. If he doesn’t show up we will share stories about his exploits in the club.



5/16/2015 - How big was Joe Nall this year? To see the full splender that is the ‘Nall you need to see it through Jims eyes. He is an excellent photographer and has a way of catching that special something in a scene. He was kind enough to share what he saw after several days at Tripletree Aerodrome. The slide show above only shows 10 of his photo’s at a time. To see them all go HERE.


5/16/2015 - If you ever wondered what went into the manufacturing of an ARF, in particular those made by Extreme Flight this video should answer all your questions. This video link was provided by Jay Marshall.


5/16/2015 - This is without a doubt the most unusual feature at this years Joe Nall. Flight stations that talk to you! Each flight station has a small box with a few buttons and a speaker. Push the blue button and it announces with a female voice to all the other flight stations that the pilot at your flight station is taking off. Hit the green button and it tells the other pilots that you are landing. Hit the red button to announce an emergency. While at first this may appear to be a little over the top, it was driven by a genuine need at Tripletree. The distance between the flight stations is far enough that along with aircraft noise is hard to be heard announcing intentions. The designer of the system is making the schematics and plans available for free.


A gaggle of planes infront of the Hobbico boothJoe Nall flightline 4Some pretty big planes this year in the shadeAlmost there but stopped by a train for 25 minutesFor sale only flown on sundaysHorizon is now selling jewelryJoe Nall flightline 1Joe Nall flightline 2Needs a tubro prop but otherwise it was niceSome guys taking their aerobatic planes for a walkThe electric flightlineThis was one sweet looking twinTwo guys taking their Mig 29s for a walkJoe Nall 2015 by Jim Hasapis

5/14/2015 - Joe Nall seems to grow every year. This year it was PACKED. I have never seen so many campers and motorhomes there. The price for entrance went up this year and vender row seemed a bit better than last year. The Hobby King guys were all there as well as the FliteTest crew. If you get a chance to meet these folks take the opportunity. They are all very approachable and good people. The electric flightline continues to grow. I heard the pork chops were good at lunch time, but opted for a burger and fries. Saw a number of CRCS members there. We were only there for a day this time, but it was time well spent.

Got a report from Roy via Richard Jackson that later in the day they auctioned off a Micro PT17 signed by Pat Hartness, marked number 01. Went for $5000!


5/13/2015 - In order to streamline the appearance and function of the website the Archives and Members Only links have been moved to the menu at the top of the page. The links that used to be in the Events column on the left have been removed.


5/13/2015 - The two titans of 3d model aircraft have announced a merger. The new company will be called Extreme Flight Family of Brands. Extreme Flight is the parent company and 3DHS will retain its brand name. You can read all about it HERE.


5/12/2015 -  The chicken or the egg? You want a product and your local hobby shop does not carry it and gives you the ‘We can order that for you’ answer. Many affluent hobbyist’s will just walk out the door at that point and order online. 

In other cases they have what you want, but the price is 30% or more than the price online plus taxes. With that many affluent hobbyist’s will just walk out the door and order online.

In still other cases you walk into a hobby shop needing to pick up something and don’t know which one is for you or how to use something you want to buy. You ask the person behind the counter and after buying the product they recommended, find it does not work in your situation or was a bad choice for your application. With that many affluent hobbyist’s will just seek information online in the RC forums.

Are you seeing a trend here? Why? First local hobby shops that cater to a small hobby like RC planes need to turn a profit to be viable. The mark up of the products reflects their rent, insurance, payroll, inventory, taxes and utilities. Some shops are run on a very narrow margin. They can’t afford experts behind the counter or a ton of inventory that will just depreciate on the shelf until somebody wanders in to buy it. They hope it is sold before the new and improved version comes out and they are stuck with it. Another expense that many don’t realize is there is the agreement they may have with larger companies to be an authorized dealer for the companies products. Its not essential to sell the product but they would have to pay retail for the products without it. These agreements cost money to enter into and/or require a minimum purchase every month.

The hobby shops that succeed know what their customers want and stock those products. They visit the local flying field, ask questions, take notes and observe trends. They staff their shop with knowledgeable people and pay to keep them on staff. They earn a reputable customer base. They know that the ‘experts’ at the field are often turned to for advice. Smart shop owners work hard to win the experts opinion.

The problem for the hobbyist is that the hobby shop is going the way of Radio Shack. You used to be able to build practically anything electronic with parts available in quantity there. Most of the time the person behind the counter was like the Ace Hardware store guy of electronics. They knew their customers and products. But society and technology changed. Customers want products that are ready to use and few build their own gadgets anymore. Whats more the products that Radio Shack carried are available online and at other local retail stores. The inventory of electronic parts that they used to carry in quantity became weak and they might have none or only one or two of the part when you need a quantity of 10. The clerk behind the counter knows little more than how to run the register and point to an isle.

Sound familiar yet? The next time you complain about a hobby shop not having something in stock, has a clerk behind the counter instead of a hobbyist or is priced to the moon think about how we got here.


5/11/2015 - The 2015 Southeastern Electric Flight Festival is history but thanks to Bildo Baggins and RCGroups you can see what you missed or relive the event highlights in pictures and video.

To see the best video coverage go to Bildo’s SEFF YouTube playlist HERE. For photo coverage go HERE. For interesting SEFF 2015 podcasts go HERE and HERE and HERE.


5/10/2015 - We read all the time in the news or see on TV the bad uses of drones. Seems like everyday there is another story about a near miss or crashed drone. What you don't see, unless you are looking for it are the good drones. Those used responsibly for agriculture, filming, racing, real-estate, science and hobbies. Why don't you see them? They are everywhere, but it does not make for controversial news reporting. They go mostly unreported. I have several friends and customers that use drones for filming on a professional basis. And they are busy! 

I’ve put together some stories where drones were/are used for good purposes. Check them out HERE.


5/10/2015 - In order to limit access to only current members, the members only website login information has been changed. An email was sent to all current members with new login information. If you did not receive an email with this information use the Contact tab to notify the webmaster.


5/10/2015 - April news stories have been archived. If you would like to view them click HERE


Yummy burgersWeiners fighting for space with the burgersThe master chef and his assistantIs that a smile on Cranky Bob?The Gathering of eaglesCranky Bobs famous Chili that sucksLunch is servedNo shortage of goodies for lunchFull parking lotYes I beleive Richard is pucking in the windNo Nutballs were harmed in the making of this picnicSomething about a small Nutball in high winds thats excitingBob explaining how he got his hatGary 'Wheels' QuiringRichard and RoyBud thinking about Joe Nall

5/9/2015 - CRCS members did not let sub-tropical storm Ana keep them from having a GREAT picnic lunch and fly-in. No rain, but overcast most of the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. Did I mention a sub-tropical storm? Yes Ana did not rain but she huffed and puffed. It was… lets me put it gently… not hat weather. This did not stop members from flying. Not just helicopters, but small foam Nutballs,  F-22’s and other assorted planes. It was not as active a flying day due to the winds, but the turnout was much better than we thought it would be with a storm hanging off the coast. While we did not fly as much we talked and shared countless stories. Carmaraderie was at its best. For those that could not make it, you missed a great event.


5/7/2015 - The club had its monthly meeting on May 4th. If you were unable to attend you can read the meeting minutes here or click on the CRCS Logo


blade1blade2fly1fly3fly4fly7fly200fly300fly400fly600Goblin 700heli1heli2heli3heli4Ifly500IMG_20150502_165405IMG_20150502_130908278_HDRIMG_20150502_132841041_HDRIMG_20150502_132932889_HDRIMG_20150502_132938930_HDRparrot1PICT0012PICT0013PICT0014PICT0015PICT0019PICT0021PICT0024PICT0026PICT0027PICT0028PICT0030Yak

5/4/2015 - It was a great weekend to fly and a lot of flying was done. No major crashes and the peanut gallery was lively. Photo’s provided by Richard White.


Extra 260
Park flyers

5/3/2015 - We will be raffling off a Hangar 9 50cc sized Extra 260 with servos (no engine) AND giving away two bind and fly 3d park flyers at the club meeting Monday May 4!!! Tickets will be $1 each and six for $5 for the 260 drawing. The park flyers just require attendance to the meeting. Proceeds for the big Extra will go toward supporting the club. All three aircraft were donated by Lancer Keeling. That my friends is one charitable dude! Lancer has donated planes at previous meetings and this one takes the cake. Thanks Lancer Keeling.

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