Lipo Battery FAQ

5/26/2015 - Do you balance your LiPo batteries? If you don’t you REALLY need to. Not balancing your packs is the quickest way to destroy them next to crashing them into a tree or sticking a nail in them. When you do a regular charge without balancing, it can cause one or more cells to be greatly overcharged and can lead to a fire while charging due to these cells exploding from the excess charge. 

If you like to keep your batteries and balance regularly did you ever wonder how your battery charger does it? Have you been curious why it takes so long sometimes? The video above completely explains the process and shows methods to balance packs that are way out of balance quicker.

LiPo batteries are great and have resulted in amazing growth of the electric powered aircraft side of our hobby, but they have a dark side. The incredible amount of energy stored in them is fine when its metered out a little at a time by your ESC. However when it is released in an uncontrolled fashion due to over charging or damage to the pack it has very bad results. The video above shows what can happen. The white smoke released in huge quantities is hazardous to your health and corrosive. If a battery lets go in your home it will coat everything  and cause corrosion to begin. Of course this is assuming the house is not burned down by the fire from the battery. If you charge batteries in your car or under the hood you might be needing a ride home if a pack lets go!

Check out the complete guide to LiPo batteries HERE on RCGroups. If you think LiPo fires don’t happen or won’t happen to you, scroll down the RCGroups page for a complete list of incidents reported. There are MANY of them!

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