The Good Drone

5/10/2015 - We frequently see news stories about the bad or illegal uses of drones. Seems like everyday there is another story about a near miss or crashed drone. Personally I hate to use the term ‘Drone’ to refer to multi-rotors and FPV aircraft, but its been picked up and run with by the press so the terms are now synonymous.

What you don't see, unless you are looking for it are the good drones. Those used responsibly for agriculture, filming, racing, real-estate, science and hobbies. Why don't you see them? They are everywhere, but it does not make for controversial news reporting. They go mostly unreported. I have several friends and customers that use drones for filming on a professional basis. And they are busy! 

I’ve put together some stories from the news media and the internet that demonstrate the positive uses of drone technology:

These are just a sampling of the stories and news available. There are many more!

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